Urban Studies Updates

Support Urban Studies during the Pitt Day of Giving (2-22-22)

The Urban Studies Program will be featured during this year's Pitt Day of Giving to support the launch of a new Civic Learning Distinction. The Civic Learning Distinction guides students to learn about engaging in their communities in ethical and impactful ways. Students will gain credit for civic leadership, internships, and research, all while reflecting on how their experiences will shape a life-long commitment to making an impact.  Your gift will provide needed financial support to students pursuing the Civic Learning Distinction. Students pursuing this distinction must participate in activities beyond the classroom curriculum such as internships, service, and community-based research. Because many of these experiences are unpaid and students with financial needs cannot partake, we need your help. Your gift will provide the critical funding that can make this distinction more accessible to all students.  Please stay tuned to help us support this important cause!